10-Things To Do For The Best Year Of Your Life

As a new year begins we are all eager to  wipe the slate clean, take a breath of fresh air, and press reset. We say goodbye to the past, promise ourselves a better future, and try to stay in the present (with our goals in mind).

The theme of gratitude has been huge in my house this post-resolution time.


1.) Thank the people who hurt you, because through this came an opportunity to love yourself.

2.) Love and acknowledge the people who have left your life, for they shared their energy with you.

3.) Let the moments you held back, teach you, to this time jump in.

4.) Remember the moments you didn’t say what you wanted to say, for it taught you to have a voice.

5.) Thank social media for inspiring you, to live a life you love (instead of watching others do it).

6.) Those time’s you felt invisible, know you are ready to be seen. 

7.) Acknowledge the worst mistakes that taught you the best lessons. 

8.) Love the moments someone didn’t accept you, because you learnt to accept yourself.

9.) Give thanks for things and people who were taken, as you now know you can let go. 

10.) When you knew you could do better, move forward and know now to try, try, again. 

Write out on a piece of paper: all the dreams, believes, and ideas that you want to leave behind, light a match, and burn that piece of paper.  In place of this write yourself a promise, to be the best you can be this year.  That is all anyone can do.

I promise to be the best version of myself this year.


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