5 Natural Remedies To Cure A Break-Out

My skin breaks-out when I am eating poorly or PMSing. Sometimes these two go hand-in-hand… A girl needs her sugar and salt, when she feels like a blimp floating through crazy town… am I right?!

Needless to say, waking up with three new friends on my face, doesn’t help the stress or make me feel good.

I know there are ladies out there, battling hormonal acne (or other health issues), that would not be easily solved with a honey mask. I am not a doctor, and if you have a skin regime that has been prescribed, I am not suggesting you discontinue it.

I like natural options; I try to use them as much as possible. My approach to beauty is holistic. The body is one unit.  Supporting the over-all wellness of the body, is the best option to maintain that youthful glow, and over-all health.

Check out my Five Remedies To Cure A Break-Out. (It is not what you think.)

1.) Honey Mask – According to Woman’s Health magazine, honey is rehydrating and has anti-bacterial properties. Dr. Axe has an easy peasy recipe you can make at home.

2.) Aloe & Tea Tree oil –  These two ingredients hydrate the skin, while cleaning it. The perfect combo!


3.)Probiotics – Skin health is often a reflection of intestinal health. Poor diet high in sugar, processed food, and/or alcohol, can cause constipation, and a build up of bad bacteria in the gut. You need a probiotic regime to help clean your insides, for a more beautiful outside. (I love this brand).


4.) Kombucha – Eating pro/prebiotic rich foods will make your gut and skin happy. Try kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi and pickled veg.


4.) Supplements: Vitamin A, Omega-3, Zinc, Selenium – Get a combo pack of these delicious vitamins. All of these guys support the skin by decreasing inflammation and feeding your skin. I get my vitamins from Pathways (<—click here for link). It is affordable, and delivered to my door, prepackaged for each day!


Stress is another one to watch out for. Try to find activities to help with stress… Like exercise, yoga, and meditation.

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