5 Ways To Banish Creative Block

You know when you carve out time to be creative. Optimistically you sit down, and half-an-hour later, you are on Pinterest creating your pin-life.

I have lost track of how often this frustrating affair has happened to me. Which is why, after shooting in an art studio a few months ago, I designed a bulletproof formula to promote creativity.

Try these five tips out! Thank me later.

  1. Dress for success. If you feel amazing in red lipstick, or sweat pants, go with it! Some people are more creative when comfortable, some, when they are dressed to kill. Find your creative outfit, even if it means the same t-shirt every time you paint. Me? I have a pair of glasses I wear. You might have seen them on my Insta-Stories (@iamadrienneford).


  1. Set the mood. Create your perfect environment; the kind of environment you would bring a date on. Maybe it is, candles, incense, blue light, pink flowers, fur cushions, tea, wine, a meditation pillow, the perfect desk, music, silence, binaural beats, jazz. Be romantic with your creativity.
Image: Pinterest
  1. Art supplies. For me, my creative is writing. So I have post-its, scrap paper, different notebooks for different topics. Everything from pencil crayons, ink pens, to markers.  I want the freedom to express creatively how that feels with the right colour and tool.  What art supplies will help you express yourself?
Image Source: Avijo design
Image Source: Avijo design
  1. Prevent creative blocks by shifting gears. When I am writing, and get stumped, I will turn my attention to picking the image for the article. (Warning: this can lead to distraction, and should only be used with discipline.)

  2. Build a decorated inspiration sanctuary. Here in Vancouver, most of us live in an apartment. There isn’t an “art room”.  I have created an art corner. A space that has crystals, books, and art. When I enter the space, after setting the mood, it quickly becomes a creative genius zone.


Your brain likes patterns. Your inner creative will remember that t-shirt, aromatherapy candle, certain pencil, and buddha decoration.

You are creating a sense of self-care by creating a special space and routine for yourself. Whatever you do with your creative space, it will serve your over-all well-being.


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