111 Lessons I Have Learned

Some lessons we have to learn the hard way, but if you can take my word for it, you probably will save yourself some heartache.

Please share this with someone who seems to live in chaos or learn a lot of lessons the hard way.

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A very happy unbirthday to you, and a very happy birthday to me.

111 lessons I learned in my 20’s.

♥ to be old and wise, you must first be young and crazy.

♥ life is a valuable source of education, do not dismiss the lesson’s you learn.

♥ if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

♥ cherish beautiful moment’s, don’t let it pass you by.

♥ travel more.

♥ jump at opportunity, as once it is gone, it may never come back.

♥ life does give second chances.

♥ it is never to late to say I am sorry.

♥ look people in the eye.

♥ if you want something in life, it is your job to go and get it.

♥ having someone else give you what you want, never feels as good as getting it yourself.

♥ it’s ok to make mistakes (everyone does).

♥ NO, is a sentence.

♥ asking for help does not make you weak.

♥ a closet of clothes won’t make you feel pretty.

♥ no one will take better care of you, than yourself.

♥ listen to your gut, it will never steer you wrong.

♥ start each day with two glasses of warm water with lemon.

♥ followed by a smoothie.

♥ sugar is a treat, not a main food group.

♥ you are what you eat.

♥ you are smarter, prettier, funnier that you think.

♥ quality is better than quantity.

♥ cigarettes are not sexy.

♥ neither is white girl wasted.

♥ to be interesting, you must have interests.

♥ do what you love, even if people call you a nerd.

♥ nerd’s rule.

♥ you can be a prisoner of other people’s opinions, if you chose to be.

♥ jealous girlfriends are more dangerous than enemies.

♥ it is ok if people don’t like you (the important part is if you like yourself (be honest)!)

♥ you don’t need someone else to approve of your thoughts, actions, or decisions.

♥ lying is a bad habit; losing someone’s trust is far worse than disappointing them.

♥ being the “it-party girl” is not establishing yourself in life.

♥ friend’s come and go–the good one’s will always be there (even if you don’t speak).

♥ it’s ok to cry (yes, even in public).

♥ you don’t have to know what you want to do for the rest of your life the day you graduate from high school.

♥ you have to kiss a few toad’s before you find your prince (or princess).

♥ being smart is sexy.

♥ the person you are meant to share you life with, will love all of you (yep even your so-called flaws).

♥ don’t take anything personally.

♥ self-reflection is an important part of life.

♥ don’t give up who you are to be accepted by someone else (it’s a trap).

♥ no one is better than you.

♥ don’t judge, practice compassion and understanding.

♥ spending money you don’t have, won’t make you rich.

♥ enjoy being single (the right one will show up at the right time).

♥ there is no get-rich-quick-scheme or diet that gives long-term sustainable result’s.

♥ be aware of a man who wants to buy you everything, even your love (there is a difference between taking care of someone and buying them).

♥ you can always start again tomorrow.

♥ you are who you hang out with.

♥ miserable negativity is highly contagious.

♥ if someone hates themselves, they will probably find a reason to hate you too.

♥ substance abuse can ruin your life, in more ways than one.

♥ the way you approach a cold shower, is the way you approach your problems in life.

♥ letting go of a person or situation (that is no longer serving you) is hard, staying is stagnant and can stunt your growth.

♥ people who gossip about others, will also gossip about you.

♥ be careful who you share you dirty details with.

♥ take note of how people in your life treat people who can do nothing for them (this is how they one day will treat you).

♥ speak your truth, even if your voice shakes (it does get easier).

♥ confidence is the best outfit you can wear ANYWHERE!

♥  wear clothing that you love and feel good in.  it never goes out of style, trends do!

♥ real love is unconditional.

♥ no matter how bad (or good), this to shall pass.

♥ real life interactions are better than Facebook interactions.

♥ music soothes the soul (listen to it every day).

♥ a walk can fix any problem.

♥ laughter is the best medicine.

♥ exercise will always make you feel great (make time for exercise).

♥ there is no point trying to make people understand you, that are committed to misunderstanding you.

♥ mother nature is the most beautiful thing in the world (respect and take care of her).

♥ a good friend will tell you when they think you are making a mistake, not encourage you.

♥ a player is gonna play.

♥ saying yes, when you want to say no, is not doing any one a favour.

♥ create passion and inspiration in your life, relationships, and work.

♥ hot dates with yourself are the key ingredient to happiness.

♥ having a pen pal, never goes out of style.

♥ a hot bath is good for your soul.

♥ your lowest moments are a gift, this is where you find your strength.

♥ worry and stress are addicting, and won’t help you solve anything.

♥ going to bed early and sleeping in is good for you.

♥ lazy Sundays nourish your mind, body and soul.

♥ in life, the lesson comes after the test.

♥ if you want to change your life, you must first change your thoughts, followed by your actions (and most often your friends, activities, and lifestyle).

♥ “i’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou

♥ state your boundaries and intentions in the beginning, as it only gets harder the longer you wait.

♥ being kind is better than being right.

♥ fairy tales do come true.

♥ learning how to cook is an amazing life skill.

♥ do things that scare you.

♥ keep your living and work space clean, it will always make you feel better.

♥ give away things that you do not use or wear.

♥ find people who lift you up in life.

♥ all you have is now, focus on the present.

♥ always play and use your imagination.

♥ forget what hurt you, but never forget what it taught you.

♥ make peace with your past and leave it in the past.

♥ don’t compare your life or self to others.

♥ keep a journal (don’t forget to write things down that you love or are grateful for).

♥ don’t blame others for your problems, you are responsible for the choices that you make.

♥ some times good things fall apart so that better things can come together.

♥ some times the prettiest smiles hide the deepest pain, the prettiest eyes have cried the most tears, and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain.  never think you know everything about a person and their journey.

♥ happiness is a choice.

♥ everything will be ok.

♥ life is an experience, you can do things to make it better or worse, you decide.

♥ some times you have to break the rules.

♥ every decision you make is a reflection of who you are, what you represent, and most importantly, how you feel about yourself.

♥ Ask yourself why you do things before you do them.

♥ you have the power to do anything you put your mind to.

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