A Change Online

A change of events.

I am sorry for being a lousy blogger. I know this place has been collecting dust for a while, and I desperately needed to come back and clean up the house.

As I sit and read some of my old content, I feel proud for being so vulnerable online but also need to share with you that this type of content is going to morph (a little).

Inspired by a new job opportunity, I feel like it is time for me to step into a different format online. I figured I should post a quick blog about it–so you can keep up (if you are still out there somewhere).

With all my serious heart-pouring content, I have cut off part of myself, a creative and artistic part of me. I used to think I would play Barbie’s forever. Dress-up was life (ok… that part is still true). Making things look pretty was my purpose.

I want to get back to a more playful expression of self. Yah know, snap photos of beautiful things, write about why I love it, and bring art back to life.

I am sure I won’t be able to help myself with the life-lesson-deep talks, but I want it to look a little different.

Alas, I share with you things are going to get a lot more fun up in here.


I want to land on a page that inspires creativity and the good feelings. So that is what I am going to do.

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