A Gentleman’s Guide To Their PMS’n Babe

Now I know what you might be thinking, this is a WOMAN, writing about how she should be treated while PMSing…  But let me know assure you, I am on YOUR SIDE mister! It must be confusing to have your sweet lady turn into the wicked witch of the WEST once a month!

It obviously isn’t any fun for us as women to feel like we are totally out of control, and it isn’t fun for you either.

Here is the thing, the key to any healthy relationship, is that two people are willing to work together.  So let me start by saying, I believe you, if you say your girlfriend has lost her mind, and you can’t handle it. Some girls really do lose their minds when their hormone’s are acting up, and other girls… well…  they might play it up a little…

Remember in your frustrating moments, women bare a lot of responsibility, with their body literally being the one that cooks up that bun in the oven.

Sometimes in life, we have to pick our battles. Other times we have to decide what we are willing to put up with.

I am not going to get to into relationship counselling in this post, but I will say: PMS is a couple of days of a month. If your relationship has you constantly in the dog house.. maybe time to assess how healthy this relationship is.

Some things you probably want to avoid saying when your lady is ready to freak:

-“Must be that time of month!”

-“Here we go again.”

-“Talk to me when you are done PMSing.”

-“I figured this is another one of your hormonal talks.”

Even though your girl’s hormone’s are driving the bus, she might feel her concerns are valid. Dismissing her or her feelings, will probably only make it worse. Sometimes you really can’t say anything right… which in this case, might be a good time to take the kids to the park, or find a way to create space, in the most loving way.

-Run her bath

-Watch a movie, she picks

-Make her a sweet pillow fort with her favourite book

-Give her her favourite room in the house so she can do her own thang

Doing something kind, might seem like the last thing you want to do, when she is telling you every single thing you do wrong… but these suggestions actually create space for both of you. She can go process, and you can go youtube.

If your girl goes wild every time she has her flow, and it is actually causing the relationship to fizzle… try talking to her, when she is NOT PMSing. Find a time to express how you are feeling. If she loves you, and she is self-aware, she will likely want to try to help herself, so you two be happy.

Chocolate, wine, and back/foot rubs go along way as well.

Most importantly, make sure you are taking care of yourself. Ensure you have space you can retreat when you need it, that you are healthy in your body and mind. Create clear communication and boundaries with your love, so she knows what you need.

Isn’t ‘Love’ funny. We take someone completely different from us, move in together, and spend our lives trying to figure the other one out… Haha. I hope this helps. Here is some information on what causes PMS, please share with your ladies and gents!

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