A Healthy New York State Of Mind

I have had an ongoing long-term relationship with New York City. She has provided both opportunity and experiences I will never forget.

Everything from the garbage on the street, to the old fire escapes, New York is an experience like no other.

I like the weird, unusual, and unique. Part of why I love NY is the city holds many magical gems, and I have been lucky enough to get the inside scoop on where to go.

If you are a yogi, health enthusiast, boho mama, such as myself; let me take you on a day in New York, that will leave you vibing high.

I started my day with a juice, from The Juice Generation. It’s a chain of delicious juices and smoothies, both bottled and fresh. There are a ton of locations, so you won’t have a hard time finding one near you.  I chose a detox juice, as I like to cleanse my body after long flights.

Zen Chai is a cute little spot in the Lower East Side, with a live plant wall. Usually I don’t love Matcha, but this delicious drink, was a game changer. The drink provided the energy to explore, with a delicious sweet taste that had me wanting more.

I had to hit up a yoga class to cleanse out that long flight. I headed down to Yoga Vida, where my beautiful friend, Emma, took me through an infrared Vinyasa flow. Emma’s hands-on approach to yoga, with her beautiful music, and gentle encouragement, was just what I needed, and the space is lovely.

My favourite bookstore in New York is just past Union Square, called Namaste Books. It’s got everything a holistic healer mama could ask for, from gemstones to jewelry. Great for gifts, or getting in touch with your mystical. I have spent a small portion of my life in this store.

I know New York is known for it’s pizza, and you better believe I had a slice of Joe’s! However this time I did the vegan thing, enjoying Double Zero’s cashew cream pizza with figs and arugula. The patio provides excellent people watching, and the pizza is mouth-watering.

Vogue featured Physical Graffitea, as a must stop, for herbal sleepy time tea. So I had to stop by and check it out. My good friend Steven, made me a Pu’erh digestive tea that tasted like butterscotch. Travelling can be hard on the guts, so I was ecstatic to try this tummy soothing tea. Need a gift for someone back home? They have all the dried tea a girl could ask for!

My favourite thing to do when I travel, is just walk around the city and follow my heart. I have found some incredible places, and shared many magical moments, by simply getting lost in a city.  New York has no shortage of theatre, art, music, food, shopping, and everything in between. If you are looking for a healthy day, I recommend you try all of these options.  Stay tuned for more of my New York experience.

What is your favourite thing to do in New York? I know I will be back, and I would love to see the city through your eyes. Know someone going to New York or someone who lives in New York? Send this blog over to them.

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