A Letter To Women: With Love and Gratitude

For you,

If you feel strong, or fragile, or strong and fragile. 

If you sometimes laugh at your mistakes and sometimes cry at them. 

Whether you are loud, or quiet, or are sometimes loud and sometimes quiet. 

If you are a mother, not yet a mother, a stepmother, will never be a mother, or never want to be a mother. 

If some days you battle the feelings of being infinitely worthless, and some days you recognize your infinite worth. 

If you take a stand for what you believe in, or don’t know what to believe in. 

Whether you are full of love, or fear, or sometimes love and sometimes fear. 

If you feel most beautiful in high heels and dark lips surrounded by bright lights, or most beautiful with a naked face gazing up at bright stars. 

If some days you refuse to give up, and other days you have nothing left to give. 

Whether you feel lost, are searching, or have found yourself. 

If you take a step forward, or a step back, but no matter what, you keep stepping. 
Wherever you are, in all that you are, we honour you.


This letter was featured by Lululemon, by Arrabelle Stavroff. 

This letter was born out of an understanding that we don’t all begin this life from the same starting line, and a belief that most of us really are doing the best we can. It was inspired by the ups and downs, the messiness and beauty that is being alive. It was written for International Women’s Day, but in celebration of the everyday, to acknowledge the majority female foundation of lululemon, as well as the women beyond these walls.

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