A Must Read: Sapiens

I am a big fan of thought-provoking books! Books that make me question myself and our world. Sapiens is a must read.

Sapiens was one of those books.

Yuval Harari discusses humankind in a way you have never thought about before. He touches on religion, money, and human rights. This is the kind of book that makes you feel intelligent and wise. Equally, it truly helped me understand humans in a way I hadn’t before.

If you want to understand how we went from Apes to ruling the planet–(which I certainly have been curious about)–Sapiens will make your head spin. It discussed the past, the present, and where we might end up.

“Fire gave us power. Gossip helped us cooperate. Agriculture made us hungry for more. Mythology painted law and order. Money gave use something we can really trust. Contradictions created culture. Science made us deadly.”

Harari is an Israeli historian. He lives a disciplined life of meditation, veganism, and minimalism. This lifestyle comes from countless hours of research on how important these choices are to our planet.

If you want to learn about what made humans the most successful beings on the planet–and equally understand our faults–I would highly recommend this book.

It puts each one of us in the hot seat–forcing the reader to look deeply into our very own nature.

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