A New You-Three Month Coaching Program

New You

There is a common misconception that if you simply change the way you eat, this will automatically turn off all that negative self-talk, and you will instantly feel happy, healthy, and beautiful! 

I tried dieting for years as a way to feel good about myself.  All I got was crazy weight gain/loss, complete confusion on how my body works, and feeling totally lost.

Here is the thing, I am going to bet there are other areas of your life that need a little nourishing as well. A diet might look like the most obvious thing that needs to shift, but how you do ONE THING, you do EVERYTHING.

Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed, and disappointed with life in general?

When you feel a general sense of lack….

-You don’t feel confident, you question yourself, and everything that you do.

-You take two steps forward in the right direction, feel uncomfortable, and run back to sabotage and unhealthy behaviour.

-You would never ask that guy out, wear that little black dress, or demand for that promotion.

-You will eat something delicious, feel bad the whole time, feeling not even enjoying your meal.

-Empty promises to be healthier tomorrow consume your mind, when you should be sleeping.

-At the end of the day you are exhausted from helping everyone else, you have nothing left for yourself.

If you would rather…

-Bounce out of bed in the morning eager to take on the day.

-Enjoy exercise, and make a smoothie or healthy lunch to go.

-Wear that cute outfit, asking that guy out (or better yet him ask you out).

-Walk into work with purpose, passion, and get that promotion.

-Have time for your friends, your partner, and (most importantly) yourself.

-Rockin a routine that is leaves you feeling confident, vibrant, beautiful, and healthy.

Then you’re in the right place.

When YOU FEEL GOOD, anything is possible.  There are definitely growing pains when it comes to change.  When you need support, someone to hold you accountable, a safe space to talk about your not-so-great memories, rework your goals, and be honest with what you want–THESE are the moments you need to find support, A New You, kind of support.

Take a big breath, help has arrived!

Nourishing your body, means taking care of your mind, body, and spirit.  It means implementing tools into your daily life that keep you on track.

I am your secret weapon.  I’ve helped women work towards feeling happy, healthy, vibrant and beautiful for the last five years.  I can help you get clear on what you really want with your body, yourself, by creating easy-action steps to achieving this.

I’ve helped my clients

-Lose weight.

-Clear their skin from hormonal, or cystic acne, as well as, keep that youthful glow.

-Release old negative thought patterns from their childhood that keep them feeling ugly and unworthy.

-Identify their unique talents and gifts they need to give themselves.

-Helped them create a sacred space for them to journal, reflect, and work through the tough stuff.

-Stop eating sugar, fast food, and actually enjoy a salad.

-Confidence in the kitchen, grocery store, meditation, and yoga classroom.

-How to eat right for their body type.

-Clear out old belief systems that kept them stuck from making healthy positive change.

-Provided a healing space for them to truly learn to accept and love themselves and their body.

Here is the thing, seven years ago, I was overweight, drinking, smoking, partying my days away.  I was eating everything in sight because I had been depriving myself of food on some stupid diet.  I hated my body, and really, my life.  My relationship with myself was in need of a MAJOR repair, so I embarked on a self-love journey.


Now, I am living my dream life.  I wake up to a yoga session, meditation, and make a smoothie to die for.  I spend my days living a healthy work life balance, self-employed and loving it.  Other than the odd martini or glass of wine, booze does not interests me.  It isn’t because I turned into some health freak that can’t have fun. 

I learned to live a life of balance.  I still eat fries, stay up too late, and have lazy days, but I do it in moderation, and the best part is, I DON’T FEEL BAD about it.

Our three months together, I will guide you to do the same.  You will learn to live in a healthy, balanced, beautiful way.  You make the rules, and I hold you to them.

I have tons of resources packed into my Mary Poppin’s bag to ensure you create a body and life that you love! 

In three months, I can change the way you see food, your body, and your life for the very best and the highest good!

Ill take the guessing out of your life when it comes to health.  You can lean in on me and together we will change your life.

What A New You experience looks like:

-You click add to cart, make your payment.

-You will get an email from me to schedule your first session at a time that is most convenient for you.

-You will get set up with your Clarity Questionnaire Intake form to help you gain some clarity (and help me get to know you better) before we ever have our first session. (Value $200)

-During our first session we will dive right in to what you need to start implementing to create your desired outcome.  We will further discuss: Your health history, how you feel about your body, what prevents you from making positive change, the influences in your life growing up, medication, lifestyle, diet, and your ideal short/long-term goals.  This session will be 90 minutes. (Value $110)

-We will meet bi-weekly for the next five sessions (after the initial consultation).  This is our opportunity to further explore yourself, embracing and adjusting anything that comes up during this process.  Together we can further expand on your nutrition knowledge, develop strategies for on-going issues, and provide you with support and accountability. These sessions are 60 minutes. (Value $750)

-Email support for the three months, unlimited access, so you can get feedback, feel supported, and discuss anything that comes up. (Value $1000)

-The result: You making awesome amazing transformative changes within yourself, your body, and your life, through diet and lifestyle choices. (Priceless!)

Total Value: $2060

Your Investment: $749.99

Why such a great price?  I know what it is like to want to make change, but to look in your pocket book and feeling totally broke.  My desire to help you make change, because I know how crappy an unhealthy existence feels, is why I get up in the morning.

If you still feel uncertain, want to talk about a payment plan, or just have a burning question that needs to be answered before you say YES, send me an email.


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