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I was enthusiastic today to make a video for my blog. (Vlogging is one of my goals for this year.) Unfortunately, my memory card filled up faster than I could talk… followed by, a dead battery.

I spent Saturday skiing, and yesterday relaxing in a kimono; I have no one to blame for this lack of prep, but myself.  Admitting defeat, I started to type out my New Year theme post: “10 Steps Towards A Healthier You”.

Three sentences into an explanation on how potassium in fresh coconut juice can balance fluids in the body… I said out-loud to myself… “Did I not write the same freaking thing last year?” Didn’t every person with a blog and a basic understanding of health?

We know we should eat more fruit/veg, have water, and move our body… It is not so much about WHAT to do, but more so WHY AREN’T WE DOING IT?!

New Years resolutions is simply a trend, and normally not enough to be the catalyst of change. Change is uncomfortable. Sometimes it is downright ugly. Normally the only time we commit to it, is when in crisis.

If you woke up this Jan 1, 2017 and said: “I want a better life….” Maybe it is time to embrace that which makes you uncomfortable.

You might be an adult, but self-soothing simply changes from sucking our thumb, to sucking down a bottle of wine. Most of us self-sooth in sabotaging ways, hence why changing bad behaviour is not just “quitting smoking”. It is quitting something that comforts you.

This leaves us feeling vulnerable. Which can lead us right back to that feeling we were trying to avoid.  Dissatisfaction and justification are very good friends.

My solution:

Get honest and figure out what triggers you.

Dedicate some time to write in a journal or a note in your phone.

Ask yourself: What do I want?!  How do I cope? How does one conflict the other?

Even if it means dropping the box of cookies mid-bite, to write down how you feel, DO IT!

Let’s get a little more self-aware 2017.

This takes some time and real self-exploration.

We all want a little more out of life. We expect it without first understanding, if our behaviour is the one thing standing in our way. Guess what, it is!

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