An Understanding On Addiction: Dr. Gabor Mate

It seems everyone has their theory on addiction, so, here is mine:  Every person and their addiction is different.


It was talks like this one, by one of my favourite people, Dr. Gabor Mate, that helped me see the big picture.

An addiction is a blessing, because it gives you a reason to go deep within, transforming that pain into a new awareness about yourself, and your life.   How the story ends is up to you.  A tough life can be a reason to hide behind a mask, to not try, to give up before you start.  This struggle can be turned into your greatest strength. A strength that allows you to be compassionate towards yourself and others, because let’s face it, everyone struggles.

The next time you have a tough day and find yourself coping; whether it be with food, alcohol, shopping or drama… Try this instead. 

Stop, Drop, And Journal.

Ask yourself:

1). What happened that is bothering me today?  

2). Why does this bother me?

3). Why does this REALLY bother me?

4). How can I heal this, for myself?

Sometimes talking to someone, a friend or a counsellor is a great way to gain perspective.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help, you don’t have to be alone.   

This is your life.  Don’t be a prisoner to your addiction.  I would love to read any resources that helped you or someone you know.  



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