who is Adrienne?

When I was scouted to model at a restaurant in 2005, I thought I had won the lottery. I imagined, over night, I would be wearing designer clothes, hanging out with Kate Moss, living a glamorous lifestyle beyond my dreams.

Instead, I got a crash course in self confidence. I didn’t know how to handle the comments about my body. Extreme dieting had become my lifestyle. I was noticed when I dieted, and got told I was too “thick” when I did not. Naturally, this created an imbalance in my thoughts and the way I perceived myself.

In 2010, frustrated by fad diets gone wrong, I walked off the runway and into a holistic nutrition program. Little did I know it, but I was about to embark on a complete self-esteem transformation. Six years later, I want to help models do the same.

How you feel about yourself will show up in everything that you do. Being a model has expectations that not everyone can understand.

I have taken ten years in the fashion industry, incorporating my sports background, and nutrition education to teach models how to create a balanced, sustainable lifestyle and career. 

I am a beauty expert, holistic nutritionist, meditation teacher, life coach, akashic record consultant, and international model.

I LIVE to inspire fellow models to LIVE WELL!

Through my own personal experience I know the in’s and out’s of the expectations of this industry, and how to meet them in the healthiest way.

The style, trend and what is in fashion on this page, is self care!

My goal is to support you in creating balance in your mind, body, diet, and lifestyle; so you can have a sustainable career, feeling and being your best.


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