My Story

It all began when I discovered Dress-up. It was not long until I was doing my sisters make-up and hair, which included a few free hair cuts. I would photograph her in our step-mothers dresses, while she held our toy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Jillian.

It was in these moments, I decided, I want every girl to feel beautiful, strong, and never feel alone.

It was no surprise that later in life, I found myself walking the runways in Milan, London, Shanghai, Athens, and all over North America. Ironically, I thought I would find beauty and strength here, but instead I ended up seeing and experiencing suffering.

I learned a valuable lesson: Feeling good has nothing to do with appearance; it is an inside job.

So… I walked away from nude thongs and stilettos, going back to school to study nutrition, psychology, and holistic health.

At a young age, breathing and movement became my therapy. I was a professional athlete. I understood very well the value of strengthening and nourishing the body, while cultivating a healthy mind.

I felt my best when I was working towards goals, and celebrating the small victories. I felt best when I was loving myself.

I want to live in a world that we encourage our girls to be authentic and take care of herself. Where ‘How To Love Yourself And Be Confident’ is a subject in school. I want women to feel valued for everything they represent, and not feel defined by the reflection in the mirror.

What I know for sure is, we need to encourage women everywhere, to be her unique beautiful strong self! 

Let me explain what I mean by beautiful. I don’t mean a woman that looks like a magazine ad. I mean a woman that radiates her full-expressed authentic self. A woman that nourished her mind, body, and soul. A woman that thrives in things that matter to her, and treats herself with respect.

I am a Woman’s Wellness And Holistic Health Practitioner. I have combined my life experience and education to teach women ‘how to care for thy self’.

I want women everywhere to know they are worth it, and it is their birthright to feel and look their best.

If you have lost your way to feeling good and are stuck in a pattern of sabotage, I can help you. I once was lost myself. Struggling with  food, body-image, weight, and confidence–is all consuming.

Click here to stop an unhealthy cycle. 

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