My Story

It all began when I discovered Dress-up. It was not long until I was doing my sisters make-up and hair, which included a few free hair cuts. I would photograph her in our step-mothers dresses, while she held our toy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Jillian.

It was in these moments, I decided, I want every girl to feel beautiful, strong, and never feel alone.


It was no surprise that later in life, I found myself walking the runways in Milan, London, Shanghai, Athens, and all over North America. Ironically, I thought I would find beauty and strength here, but instead I ended up seeing and experiencing suffering.

I learned a valuable lesson: Feeling good has nothing to do with appearance; it is an inside job.


So… I walked away from nude thongs and stilettos, going back to my athletic roots.

At a young age, breathing and movement became my therapy. As a competitive swimmer this took me all the way to the National Team, Olympic Trials and World Cup.

I felt confident swimming a best time. I felt beautiful flowing on a yoga mat.

I feel strong, when I nourished my mind, body and soul, with self-care.


I want to live in a world that we encourage our girls to be authentic and take care of herself. Where ‘How To Be Confident’ is a subject in school.

What I know for sure is, we need to encourage women everywhere, to be her unique beautiful strong self! 


When I am not promoting self-care, I am studying myself. I believe self-awareness can change the world.

From a holistic practitioner to a self-love coach; from a yoga/meditation teacher to a coach for young athletes; a nutritional consultant and personal chef; to a blogger for wellness; helping women feel beautiful and strong, has ALWAYS been my work.

When I am not playing dress-up, you can find me walking in nature, playing alchemist brewing tinctures, trying to master a new sport or yoga pose, drinking wine with the people I love, or playing chef in the kitchen.

Learn about my wellness journey, here. 

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