Akashic Record Initial Consultation Sale

Initial Consultation  & Akashic Record Consultation (Sale!) (90 min): 

This hour and a half is about you. This is your opportunity to feel seen, heard, and understood. Together we will open your Records, and get to the bottom of any belief systems that are holding you back from expressing yourself, embracing wellness, and falling back in love with yourself. Once we find this belief, we will remove it through a unique healing ceremony that allows you to release any hurt that is keeping you connected to this belief.

Maybe you feel lost in your purpose? Maybe you feel stuck in life? Maybe you want to make big changes, but keep sabotaging yourself? Let’s get to the bottom of this…

This is a healing safe space that will allow you to release whatever comes up. It is sacred, and should be honoured.  This time is for you.

Once the reading is complete. We will close the records and reflect. To learn more about the records click HERE.

We will walk through your biggest challenges, your deepest desires, and your ideal picture of health and self. The key ingredient to making healthy sustainable change, is to create awareness around where you are at, right now. Things we may discuss: Your health history, how you feel about your body, what prevents you from making positive change, the influences in your life growing up, medication, lifestyle, diet, and your ideal short/long-term goals. After this, you will receive some diet and lifestyle recommendations that you will start incorporating into your life immediately.

You will walk away with some recommendations to help you step into a place of wellness. You will embody a new strength and understanding on how to take care of yourself.

Investment $65.00CDN

Want more? Support is such a beautiful part of success. Hold yourself accountable with a follow-up. This will help you hold true to your desires, as well as, we can make some adjustments along the way.

Investment $99.00CDN

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