An Ode To 2017: My Biggest Lesson Of The Year

Happy 2018 beautiful friends. I hope you had a beautiful holiday season, and rung the New Year in with style.

A lot of us hope that when the clock strikes twelve, we can erase the past year’s mistakes.

My social media has been full of people expressing their emotions of this past year. Within a year we truly experience a full spectrum of emotions from good to bad. It can feel like an unfavourable year if the bad seemed to plague you.

I had a tough year business wise.

If I made money off of the amount of things that didn’t work out… I would have had a VERY successful year. I like everyone else was walking around with my story about 2017…

My story: A victim of many collaborations gone wrong. People being UNTRUE to their word… saying one thing, and doing another…

This morning as I got back to work, I found a project that I put several hours into… a project that I was going to launch in the spring.

When I opened my work cabinet and found months of research sitting there… I was reminded instantly that I too had failed myself in 2017.

It is SO easy when things go wrong, to point the finger and blame the world…. but we don’t grow from playing the victim. We all want something from life that we aren’t getting; and the only road towards this IS personal growth.

Instead of playing the victim, put on a new pair of glasses and see your life through a different lens.

Write down all those shitty experiences, and then ask yourself…

What did I learn?

How was I responsible?

How can I prevent this from happening again? 

The next time you walk into a similar experience, you will be armed with awareness.

The really interesting thing about these undesirable situations is, we seem to find ourselves in the same situation over and over again. It can feel familiar and normal even. Some of us, myself included, are so familiar with suffering… that we don’t know how to move out of it, or even detect it.

It takes real strength, vulnerability, and awareness to take that first step and make this change.

The most important step is to STOP focusing on the situation, or the people involved. This is about you. It is about stepping out of that old version of yourself, into the unknown, and saying I am not putting up with this… And I am willing to lose everything just to say this and stand tall. Unfortunately we aren’t always taught this in our homes growing up. We are more often taught to be nice and keep the peace. It can be really confusing.

The world can be cruel and unfair… but it can also be beautiful and amazing. It really is what perspective you choose. What you are willing to put out there? What you are willing to receive?

Instead of making unrealistic goals this year, promise yourself to stand a little taller and be a little braver. And mostly to stop being the victim, and start being proactive with the change you want to see. That’s my goal.

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