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In 2009, I had a life changing walk home from work. One of those conversations you have with yourself that changes everything.  In short, I was miserable, but I could not understand why.

From an outside perspective, my life looked pretty darn good.  I was traveling the world taking model contracts all over Europe and China. I had a boyfriend that loved (and spoiled) me. I was always dressed to kill.



I had the career, the guy, and the outfit… 

However, my life was not as it seemed. My relationship was dysfunctional. My “job” didn’t pay the bills. I was battling with my body.

As a twenty something year old woman, I didn’t want to deal with my life. So, I distracted myself with partying, shopping, and drama.

While walking home that fine spring afternoon, I started to cry. I didn’t like myself or my body, and my life was a mess. I needed to make changes, I just didn’t know where to begin.  

Not understanding change, I made a small choice that rerouted my life. I decided to remove the things in my life that feel crappy.

It started with quitting modelling. I left my relationship. I stopped talking to most of my party friends. I got a job to pay off my debt. I joined a 40-day yoga challenge, and made a one year plan to go back to school.


I decided I would do whatever it takes to make my life better, for ME.

For some reason on that day, something inside of me just couldn’t accept the way I was living anymore.

I think we are all looking to improve our life in some way. It is ok to admit that. We have to honour that change isn’t easy, it takes time, and support.

When I look back now on that spring day so many years ago, I am thankful that I was honest with myself. I went back to school, studied nutrition, started two businesses, found financial freedom, moved to my dream city, found my dream home, and have successfully helped women all over the world do the same.

Today, I have my dream apartment, I found my dream guy, I have my dream job.

I wake up and do something I love, while drinking an elixir tea full of superfoods.

This is not bragging, this is advocating that it is possible to change your life. Taking myself from rags to riches was not about designer clothes… It was about a designer life, full of rich moments that I appreciate. Admitting defeat was the most powerful thing I have done.

I believe if I can make change, so can you!

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