The root of Astragalus strengthen’s the body as a whole, including the muscle’s and metabolic functions.

Astragalus is said to have an effect on the “surface” of the body — that circulates in the subcutaneous tissues providing suppleness to the flesh and adaptive energy to the skin.

Wei Qi is the energy of the skin and immune system, in harmony, that responds to changes in the environment.

An important effect of Astragalus is in its ability to fortify the “Upright Qi.”  Upright Qi is the energy allocated by the body to maintain upright posture and to maintain the position of the organs in their healthy position in their battle with gravity.  As one gets older, this Upright Qi is naturally depleted.

Astragalus promotes healthy skin.

Astragalus helps to support healthy functioning of the excretory and nervous systems.

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