Avoid Temptation: How To Survive The Holiday Weight Gain

Here comes Santa Claus…. and all his Christmas shenanigans!

If it wasn’t difficult enough to keep that winter weight off, oh the cocktails and the bad buffet food…

It is easy to say ‘don’t eat the crappy food’, drink the alcohol’, or, ‘bring your own healthy alternatives’; however, most of us will end up at a few parties where this is NOT an option.

There is NOTHING wrong with having a martini (or two) at a party, or enjoying some bad buffet food, t’is the season! BUT, the key ingredient, is to stay conscious of your actions.

Provide yourself with some structure.  One night, allow yourself dessert, the next have some fried food.  One night have drinks, and the next night, be the designated driver.  Book yourself into a yoga class the day after the party, and ACTUALLY GO.

The biggest problem with the holidays, is we feel it has to be ALL or NOTHING. It is easy to justify that the holidays only come once a year.

In reality, we have MANY big celebrations each year!

What is more important to understand, is the holiday’s are stressful.

What do we do when we are stressed?

We find a way to cope/distract ourselves!  Those Christmas parties buffet’s can be the perfect distraction.

If you are not able to enjoy the holidays, perhaps it is time to address what is triggering this overindulging behaviour?   You may be able to wrap up your behaviour with a bow, and call it Christmas; but the real gift to give, is dealing with your emotions!  Don’t shove your feelings down with food or alcohol.  We all know it is NOT the answer.

If you love yourself, you will take care of yourself, Christmas or not.  If you don’t feel you love yourself, start by taking care of yourself, the love will follow.






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