Better Than Botox (Or As Close As It Gets)

When a mama gets preggo–it is advised to discontinue any Botox, filler, and retinol cream. For mama’s that have waiting until she is a lil older to start a family, it can be a daunting to have to give up some of those cosmetic pick-me-ups.

I am not here to suggest or not suggest Botox, that is entirely a personal choice. If it makes a gal feel good, that is up to her. Equally the natural mama’s have the right to choose their aging process.

For me, it is about self-care skin care rituals. I will never forget my grandmother giving herself a facial and having a nap mid-day. She to this day, looks 20-years younger that she is. When I got preggo, my skin started to look dull–which was rather upsetting. On top of looking unhealthy in my body (before I actually started to show)–my skin looked older than usual. So I went on a mission to help my skin.

I started my journey with a random 80’s product known as Frownie’s. An article in Elle magazine suggested Frownies to be better than Botox. I was skeptical of these 80’s patches that I was to stick on my face overnight–but to my surprise… IT works.

These are not a permanent solution, they just help hold the skin in place, decreasing the appearance of fine lines. I can’t say I have been religious about wearing them. (There is nothing sexy about Frownies). But even a few times a week, has made a difference.

I follow up my Frownie night care, with Peter Thomas Roth’s firming eye cream. This bad boy actually does firm up the skin temporarily. I have used it on my forehead, and found it to be the perfect solution. I apply it with a make-up brush, using a very thin layer. Too much of this product can cause a white residue. It doesn’t really go under make-up, so this solution works if you are a more o’natural kinda gal. Vitamin A is ok in small doses during pregnancy, so I use this only on special occasions. I don’t apply it daily.

When I am not applying Frownies and Firming cream, I love Lush’s Ayesha face mask. It has asparagus and kiwi, which definitely firms the skin. I apply a layer in the tub and kick back for ten minutes while it does it’s magic.

I like to follow up my mask with Weleda’s Rose oil. I know most people do not liberally apply oil to their face… but for me, it works. I massage half a pump, mixed with my Complex-15, using upward motions. My skin looks greasy for a while, but it seems to soak it up quite fast. Maybe not best to do right before bed.

I wouldn’t be much of a holistic beauty expert–if I didn’t mention three little things. Exercise, diet, and hydration. These three play a key role in skin healthy. Exercise moves toxins, causes the blood to flow, and it is rejuvenating to get your sweat on. Your diet should include healthy fats, cars, and proteins! Water is like a skin plumping pill–stay hydrated!

Hormones can play a mean game on your skin while preggo. I would recommend trying new products sparingly. Know that your skin might be in crazy town during and after your pregnancy. They say up until six-months after you stop breastfeeding. Know this too shall pass. Try to love your skin, and not focus too much if it is a mess.

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