Buttering Up The Belly

Ladies, I want to suggest we stop promoting skin cream to one another stating that it WILL prevent stretch marks… because this isn’t necessarily true. If you have been blessed with some tiger stripes after pregnancy, you are NOT alone. In fact, 90% of women are affected.

Let me explain that stretch marks happen in the Dermis, which is the second layer of skin. Lotions DO NOT penetrate the dermis typically… in fact penetrating the Epidermis (the first layer of skin) is difficult for MOST lotions. It is a sales tactic for the most part–so don’t break the bank.

We all have our body-image issues. Pregnancy triggered every insecurity I had about myself… (and I don’t think this is exclusive to having a career as a model). Let’s face it, we live in a society that puts a lot of pressure on women to look a certain way. Instead of celebrating our body’s for the freak’n miracle that it is, we often feel ashamed.

Fortunately, you have a choice. Stop spreading this terrible thought process and shame, and start feeling proud of what your body can do. (Easier said than done… but it IS possible.)

The other day I found myself photographing my stretch marks. My dialogue started off with me wondering if my partner would find me attractive post baby, which turned into contemplation of if I should get breast implants, which turned into fear of what baby number two might do…

Like any sane person, I sat down on the bathroom floor, closed my eyes and took a few breaths into my heart.

I asked myself HOW DO YOU FEEL?–and the real honest truth was that I felt kinda proud of my tiger stripes. Sure, I didn’t LOVE them–but I knew my body was growing my son–and that was pretty freakin cool. And if any a*shole wants to make mention of how that makes me less attractive–they can go fly a kit.

As hypocritical as it might be, I do want to share some lotions with you that have been useful to me. I don’t think they will save me from stretch marks… but they smell like a spa, and lathering up my body during my pregnancy has become my after bath ritual. If it does anything to prevent stretch marks, great–but I am doing it more to keep my skin moist and my brain calm.

As you know, I love to give a shout out to exercise, diet, and hydration. It is mucho important to keep your blood flowing and your body nourished.

The smell of this Andalou lotion guarantee’s sweet dreams. I love putting it on half an hour before bed.

Another lotion full of Lavender love is this Bug & Pickle belly Cream.

Weleda Rose Oil is like a spa in a bottle. I love putting it on my belly, and having my partner rub it in.

The good news is a lot of stretch marks fade over time. Even though I have heavily researched the topic and found NO evidence to support this skin cream stretch mark miracle… a girl can dream… and should always embrace self-care.

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