Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

If there is one thing I know about life, it is that there is always a reason to beat ourselves up.  If you are a sensitive introvert like me, one incorrect grammatical error can eat you alive for months.

Over the past five years, I have started to manage my thoughts.  First, I am aware of what I say to myself, second, I try not to give energy to the stuff that brings me down.

What I have come to realize is that if I tell myself I am a “no good… etc…”  I will create that experience.  I will shy away from opportunity, I won’t say something whether it be a great idea, or simply standing up for myself.   This can affect my job, my relationships, and any choice that I make, negatively.

The problem is most of us are unaware of how these thoughts affect our lives.

OBSERVE YOUR THOUGHTS.  Which thoughts are productive or positive?   Which are negative, wasteful, or even damaging?  How can you have less of those?   I like to use a little thing I call STOP-DROP.  When I hear my thoughts going sideways, I stop the thought, and I drop it.  I replace it with a nice thought that re-creates the whole experience.

Everyone makes mistakes, everyone says and does things they regret.  Everyone has “ugly” days.   It is part of life!  However, those negative thoughts aren’t helping you at all!   This thought-provoking video from Dove, is a great reminder.

How do you talk to yourself?

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