Cleansed Clean Two Week Program


Do you want to rest and digest knowing your body is being nourished from the inside, out?

Do you want a natural chemical free, food friendly way to clean your body?

Do you want more energy? Mental clarity? Clear skin? Clear eyes? White teeth? No more dark circles under your eyes? and an over-all sense of health and well-being?

Like most woman, I had the concept of what my body should look like, and I wanted to look and feel good while maintaining a healthy weight. However, I did not understand the pressure I was putting on myself which caused sugar addiction, emotional eating and a lot of confusion.

I did not realize that the unhealthy food I was eating just caused cravings for more unhealthy food. Not to mention it was clogging up my body. My digestion was funky, my skin messy, I had weight (and cellulite) were I did not want it, and I felt tired and grumpy.

This two week cleanse is designed to detoxify, while repairing your body at a cellular level. Say hello to an anti-oxidant, nutrient-rich, anti-aging, skin-rejuvenating, skinny-minny food plan.

How it works:

With your purchase you will receive full instructions on how to successful complete this cleanse. There is pre/post information to ensure an easy transition, along with all equipment you need in the kitchen.

With this detox you will be provided with:

✴Introduction to shifting into a cleanse. All you need to know.

✴One week food cleanse. This is one week that we eliminate dairy, gluten, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and all animal products. Just clean eating.

✴You will be provided with delicious healthy juice, smoothie, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes.

✴Follow the one week food cleanse, with a liquid cleanse. This is one week that we eliminate anything that is not in liquid form. This will ensure nutrient rich absorption to repair your body at a cellular level.

✴You will be provided with nutrient rich juice, smoothie, almond milk, and soup recipes

✴This cleanse includes anti-oxidant, anti-aging, cell-regenerating, tissue/organ support, increases collagen, all the while taking a tiny mop and cleaning all of those heavy metals and toxins out of your body.

✴I won’t leave you hanging, you will also receive proper post-cleanse instructions. How to ease back into normal food.

✴Additional bonus information.

~ Bonus information regarding digestion: how our food is broken down, proper techniques to ensure nutrient absorption, healthy proper digestion, and how to stay properly hydrated. (value: $200 info-session)

~There will be pre/post instructions to ensure success. Prior to beginning, you will receive important tips to prepare for the six month meal plan. After the six months is up, there will be follow up sent out to ensure continued success. *Option to renew and keep the delicious healthy recipes and inspiration coming! (Value $400)

~Access to Adrienne-Ford’s Facebook page where I post inspiration, recipes, and health tips regularly to keep everyone inspired and creative with health. (Priceless)

~My private email address where you can ask questions if they require additional information. (Access to my email is included in one of my $3000 programs.)

This cleanse is right for you if…

you have never done a cleanse. You want something natural that you can trust. You are looking to improve that health regime you follow. You want to ensure that all the precautions you take with your health are beneficial. You do not want any weird chemicals or pills in your body. You want to look and feel younger. You need more energy. You want to shift into a better health regime.

Let’s get clean!

Step into the new you. Please email me at if you have any questions.

This cleanse is meant to be two weeks long, but it can be done for longer, that is up to you. I advice discussing any diet changes with your doctor before proceeding.

Your total clean green investment in yourself is $99. Option to make two payments of $46 if it is easier.

Do your body a favor and let it live clean. I guarantee you will walk away with less cravings for junk food, have more energy, desire to eat better, and you have these recipes for life, so you can enjoy them time and time again.

Start next week clean!


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