Create Memories, Not Garbage


Sometimes finding the right gift can be the most difficult part of any festivity!

I decided to try my green angel wings on, and create an experience for my boyfriend and I at Vancouver’s, The Dirty Apron. 

The class was called Mama Mia, and you guessed it, we made la pasta!


So often we get busy with life, we forget to take a minute and appreciate our partner, spending time with them in a fun way.  Our night together created a memory, we had a blast, and now can make a mean pasta.

Try your green angel wings on, and create a date night with your partner.  Even if you have been married for 1000 years. Sharing an experience is such a beautiful way to spend time together.   It will trickle into everything else you do creating passion and inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration:


FIRST COURSE: Goat Cheese & Arugula Ravioli in a Walnut Sage Sauce.


SECOND COURSE:  Grilled Lamb Sirloin with Ricotta Herb Gnocchi and Chanterelle Sauce.


DESSERT:  Coffee and Lemon Panacotta


Homemade pasta is delicious! Check out The Dirty Apron for cooking classes this holiday season.

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