Drinking Wine While Doing Yoga Is Balance!

You know when you have had ‘ONE of those days’.  You turn the key to enter your place, feeling like a warrior coming back from battle. The first thought that enters your mind is: “I made it”.

Being busy and self-care do not go hand-in-hand.  That ten minute meditation and yoga morning, turns into coffee while checking emails. As much as I practice and preach that self-care should be number one, sometimes, when burnt out, overwhelmed, and exhausted, self-care just doesn’t happen.

The most common thing people say to me is, “I can’t be healthy; I love x,y, & z too much”. I respond: “EFF that, you shouldn’t have to give up everything sinfully delicious to ‘be healthy’, that isn’t health”.


Maybe health to you is smoking a cigarette at a party (once a year), or laying in bed until 2pm on a Saturday.  What if your wrote your own (honest/balanced) rules!?

On occasion, my favourite way to end the day, (especially on those warrior back from battle days), is to pour a generous glass of wine, make a cup of tea, and roll around on my yoga mat, doing a little yin yoga, and stretching. Sometimes I end up so in the yoga-zone, and don’t even drink the wine, other days, I end up sitting on my mat drinking the wine and journalling. The key here is: I do what FEELS right.

Trust me, I love green juices, nature hikes, and treating my body with nourishing love!  But I have this theory: More people would embrace health, if they wrote their own rules.  If you are getting up, and simply TRYING every day to make your world a bit healthier, YOU WILL!

What does balance look like to you? Send me a comment!


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