Eleven Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations are messages of truth and love. There is nothing wrong with saying nice things to yourself.

1.)  I love and accept myself.  (My favourite affirmation!!)

2.)  I decide how I feel, today I choose happiness.

3.)  I believe in myself, I can do anything I put my mind to.

4.)  Today I choose to love and accept myself and those around me.

5.)  My body is restoring itself daily to its natural health. I honour and take care of my mind, body, & soul.

6.)  Courageously I embrace new experiences and opportunities, that come often.

7.)  In every moment of my day, I radiate calmness and tranquility.

8.)  I create abundance and prosper where ever I place my intentions.   I am in a constant state of gratitude.

9.)  I am supported and cared for.  I have everything I could want and need.

10.)  I believe and trust myself to make positive supportive decisions for the better good of me, daily.

11.)  I am present.

Now it is your turn, what is your favourite thing to say to yourself on the daily.  Share your beautiful thoughts!

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