Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation is a process that works more effectively in a series of sessions.  The body needs time to heal and change patterns. 

As we age, collagen production begins to decrease, and our bodies need reminding about certain tasks, for example, more blood circulation to the face to provide the essential nutrients for replenishing collagen and keeping the skin moisturized.  Depending on our lifestyles, we may be accelerating the aging process- our bodies are too busy trying to keep up with the stressors we subject it to – processed foods, not enough physical activity, chemical-laden facial products, bad relationships, overly demanding jobs…

Your body strives to keep you alive, but alive doesn’t always mean healthy.  We need to be nourishing ourselves with a variety of nutrient dense foods in order to build nutrient rich blood to make the skin radiant and feel energized.  Or perhaps we are eating very healthy, but our digestion is off and not absorbing optimally, resulting in dull skin or low energy. 

The Facial Rejuvenation process is really looking at how the body works as a whole, treating the internal (digestion, emotional well-being, etc.) as well as the external (wrinkles, fine lines, etc.). Where there is health, there is beauty!

The recommended number of sessions is 8 to 10.  Optimal is twice per week for 4-5 weeks, or alternatively once per week for 8-10 weeks. 

Each visit is $155.  Depending on your extended benefits, a portion of this will be covered.  The remaining portion can be claimed on your tax return, just make sure you save your receipts.

For those patients who would like to pay up front for 10 sessions, Alyssa will offer a 10% discount, which essentially works out to one free treatment.  

If you have more questions or would like to talk her personally first, send her an email at alyssa@elementswellnesscentre.com.

We’ve been given one body, treat it well!

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