Featured: 20 Questions with Adrienne Ford

Keira-Anne and I teamed up to chat about self-care, how to deal with criticism, and great music from the 80’s. Here is a sneak peek at the article:

20 Questions with Adrienne Ford

I’ve known Adrienne for all of maybe a month. We met at an event she was hosting, dedicated to helping women nurture their natural beauty. And speaking of natural beauty, Adrienne personifies that inside and out. She and I clicked instantly over our mutual appreciation for and understanding of self-care and seeing the true beauty in the tribes of women we surround ourselves with.

Adrienne has an immense wealth of life experience, experience she uses to apply to her personal philosophy. A self-proclaimed “sensitive soul,” Adrienne’s life shifted from professional modelling to a journey of wellness, empowerment, healing, and making healthy choices to live well on her own terms. She is dedicated to encouraging other women to do the same and it’s for that reason I really admire her. I was eager to have her jump in the 20 Questions hot seat, so without further ado…

1. What are you really excited about these days?

Self-care! I love exploring how we can feel good, while taking care of ourselves. It is fascinating how diverse this topic is.

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20 Questions With Adrienne

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