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How To Feel Inspired By Your Old Wardrobe

Let’s say you have decided you were NOT going to spend money for 6 months. Or you are embracing the new minimalist trend. Whatever the reason – you are NOT buying clothes.

It is easy to look at our wardrobe and feel uninspired. A new outfit is exciting and effortless. Old clothes are ‘so been there, done that’. So how do you put a little enthusiasm back into your wardrobe?

First thing you want to do is Marie Kondo that wardrobe! Yep, pull it all out, dump it on the bed, and decide what sparks JOY! The simple act of sorting through old clothes can inspire new creative outfits. It is an excellent way of remembering all those forgotten items. Plus it is a healthy idea to get rid of that which no longer inspires you.

Before you hang up everything, take some play time with your clothes. Remember the game dress-up!? Well girl, it is time to embrace your six-year old self! Try that dress as a shirt. Tuck that turtleneck under that sweater. Pair that skirt with a scarf. Try things you have been meaning to try. Take time to plan some outfits (so when you are in a rush in the morn, you have it sorted). Have kids? Bring them into the fun, let them try on your stuff with you. Not only will you be mom-of-the-year, you will also inspire yummy-mummy-worthy outfits.

Ummm, have you met Pinterest? Because if not, allow me to introduce you to the love of your life! Sometimes a girl needs a little inspiration. Search: “Turtleneck Women’s Fashion”. The results will keep you busy through your lunch hour.

Pull out those special ticket items and wear ’em! Maybe you don’t want to wear a gown to Monday’s business meeting. But, if you have the perfect pencil skirt (that you only wear on special occasions), pair it with a casual top and get out there! Dressing nicely increases confidence. It also increases others response to you.

Keep in mind that at one point you purchased each item in your closet. It mattered to you. You spent hard earned money on your wardrobe. Appreciate what you have.

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