Four Things You Need In Your Yoga Bag

In a matter of a week, I caught that nasty flu that is going around, started a new job (waking up at 4:30a.m.), and began my 200 hour YTT (yoga teacher training). My mantra throughout this time period was: “just get through this, and then you can go back to bed”.

I am happy to report, I survived, with 100% attendance… and only cried once.

After I have been properly sick, I have this sense of rebirth. The flu is like a forced full body cleanse, while deliriously sitting in a sauna. (We spend a lot of money trying to have the same experience at a spa!)

Simultaneously, my YTT hit full speed ahead, as I embarked on a ten-hour yoga journey with master teacher, Nicki Doane.  I had no idea what to expect, but I had a feeling it would be intense..  and it was!

This woman kicked my butt all weekend, and at the end, all I could think about was training with her again.  More on that, in my next post…

Let’s first talk about what I had in my yoga bag to survive the weekend.

What kind of Taurus would I be, if I didn’t pack a yoga bag full of things to tantalize all the senses?! (I believe full support is necessary when facing challenge.)

This strategic plan started the minute I left the house. I traveled to and from the yoga studio, with this great song on repeat! I made sure I left early each day, allowing time for trains, traffic, and any obstacle that came my way.

A skin nourishing healthy smoothie, was my food. I could easily sip on it, while doing yoga, which helped combat hunger/fatigue until lunch. Get the recipe here!


Before each session began, I took my Edie’s Botanical’s tinctures, and called it a ritual of self-care. Chaga mushrooms mixed with beauty botanical’s and detoxification, yes please! Get your tinctures here, by sending me an email. 


I sprayed myself and everyone around me with essential oil mood mist from Urban Body Organics. The orange essential oil infused energy, and the lavender, provided ease. I handed them to my fellow yogi’s, explained the perks, and let them choose their own adventure. Get mood mist here. 

2016-05-06 13.22.42

Last, I packed warmth. I always pack a cozy sweater (doubles as a blanket in Savasana) & wool socks!  Being cold ruins everything, especially meditation.


If you do one thing, create your own bag of tricks to help you get through the day. This practice is NOT just for yogi’s at yoga time. The reality is we spend a decent amount of time away from home. How can you create a sense of home at your office, in your car, on the bus, and wherever you are!

What is in your yoga bag? I would love so much if you share this with your fellow yogi’s, or that friend that always seems stressed out!

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