Goal Setting: Four Things You Need To Do Immediately, For Results

A few years ago, if I had a dollar for every project I have started and did not complete, I would be very rich.

I am an idea’s person.. Maybe I have undiagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder, or perhaps I just really like new ideas. Either way, I know that this behaviour is not serving me, when it comes to getting sh*t done.

I think, a lot of people make empty promises to themselves. Losing weight, having that big talk with someone, asking for a raise. In a sense we might feel unworthy, or life just get’s busy, and we “forget”.

I have been working really hard at finishing what I start. This is a declaration towards commitment, and in truth, I am ready for bigger and better things. Which means, being a bigger better version of myself.

If you feel like a dog chasing your tail, when it comes to achieving personal goals, I have come to your rescue! Here is how I started being proactive in my own life.

Let me start by saying this. Your number one goal: have some fun! What is the point otherwise? Laugh at the curveballs, dance out the frustration, and celebrate the little victories. It won’t be worth it otherwise.

  1. Make a plan, write it down, make it real. Set realistic (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, half-year) goals. Check in weekly consolidating your to-do’s.x500sequentialorderchart-jpg-pagespeed-ic-y55mxh1mbn
  2.  Get an accountability buddy. Pay a professional. Call your hardcore friend that won’t let you live this down. Tell everyone you know, including your barista. Make sure your goal is staring you in the face, every interaction you have.x500smartgoalmap-jpg-pagespeed-ic-um_km_gsyk
  3. Educate yourself . Take a class. Do the research. Find a way to master your craft (at least to a point of confidence). Empower yourself!x500goalstrategiesmap-jpg-pagespeed-ic-k6jkq7-k10
  4. Do a little each day. Deciding whether to Netflix’s or exercise. Make the choice that supports your goals. Even if it is squats while you Netflix. Every time you make the choice to support yourself, you get a little stronger.

Stronger than yesterday!  Ready, set, goal!


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