A Healthy Snack On The Road

Eating healthy is a full-time commitment, that can definitely be difficult, on the open road.

(You know you will regret that cheeseburger you ate when you were starving)

Want a healthy recipe to take with you on the road? Bliss balls to the rescue.

Full of macro & micro nutrients that nourish your skin, hair, nails, bones, organs and blood!

(Oh, and you won’t be bloated from all that gas station sodium!)

What you need:

1 cup of shredded coconut

1 cup of almonds

1/2 a dozen medjool dates

4 tablespoons of cashew butter (or any nut butter you like)

2 tablespoons of raw cacao

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

Put the almonds and coconut in a food processor and blend for a minute or two, until a flour starts to form. Add the cashew butter, coconut oil and cacao, blending for a few seconds.  Add dates.

Continue to blend until everything has been combined together to form a sticky mixture. Roll into balls and covered in shredded coconut. Cover and let sit, in the fridge until firm.

Recipe (and thanks to): Deliciously Ella


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