How To Do A Smudge Ceremony

Smudging is not a new tradition, in fact it is something that has been done for centuries!


First Nations and Aboriginals use different herbs to bless and purify people and places.

You don’t have to be a shaman, or a new-age hippie, to believe in energy or smudge your home. It is kind of nice to set an intention of cleansing your space… even if that means some Clorox bleach, and a scrub brush.

Personally, I like the idea of cleansing and purifying my space. It is like a big refresh button that smells great.

If you want to cleanse your space, I have included everything you need below:

WHAT you need:  A feather (to fan the smoke), a bowl or seashell (to catch the ashes), a smudge stick (to smudge with), a candle (to light the smudge stick), and matches.   There are many kinds of smudge sticks.  Check this article out for details.


WHERE: Your home, your workspace, your crystals, new/old clothes, and/or yourself.  (Don’t smudge other people’s space without permission.)

WHEN: New crystals/jewelry/clothes.  Stuck in a funk at home or in the workplace.  A negative person has left your space (or life).  Or if you are feeling depressed, confused, or negative, it is a great time to smudge.

HOW:  Put all your items to smudge together on a surface.  Light the candle.  Open a window.

Light your smudge stick. Hold stick and bowl in one hand, and fan smoke (with a feather) using your other hand. Visualize the smoke lifting the negative energy and any negative feelings.

If doing a room:  Bring the smudge stick to each corner of the space.  Open a window to release smoke (and bad mojo).

If cleansing crystals or jewelry:  Place each crystal in the smoke.

I recommend doing this on a sunny day.  Lay your fresh smudged crystals or self in the sunshine (for 10-20 minutes) to recharge.

WHY:  Perhaps you just need a big reset after a break-up, lost friendship, crappy day at work, or life has been throwing you lemons…

Taking some time to create positivity, and a new perspective will never be a bad idea whether you believe in energy or not!!  Plus the  smell of sage is quite enjoyable.

Check out my girl Sarah with Strathcona Smoke for your own cleaning blend.

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