How To Boost Your Bosom.

When I was 13-years old, I stuffed my bra for the first time after being teased at school. “Adrienne, the walls are getting jealous.”

By eighteen I announced I wanted fake breasts. Thankfully, I didn’t have the money (or guts) to go under the knife.

Adult Adrienne, likes her small chest. It suits my long lean body and my active lifestyle.

A lot of us are told our body isn’t perfect unless it looks like x, y, and z… So, we believe it. I did, and it almost cost me $10k, and I probably would have been upset with myself in the end.

Ladies of all shapes and sizes are beautiful! We all have the right to decide what makes us feel great. If fake breasts is what you want, start saving. Just make sure it is for YOU!

If you are part of the itty bitty team, or the cost/surgery freak you out, here are a few tricks (from the runway).

The perfect push-up bra (that fits) can do the job. If you want a little extra, get yourself some “chicken cutlets”.  Consider it the $30 boob job. image1-2

Another option, is contouring. Yep, just like you would your face. Laura Lee explains it quite well.

Remember your posture. Sitting up straight is a powerful way to express confidence, and give the girls a little air.

Necklines: Choose a moderately high, asymmetrical, crew or gathered necklines.  This can give the appearance that the girls are bigger than they are.  Avoid deep V’s.


Push-ups! Exercise those pec muscles. 

Last, light colours can make something look larger. Dark colours can make things look smaller.

I am sure your bosom is beautiful. I wear deep v’s and dark shirts ALL the time. I normally stick to the rule: if it feel good, wear it.

If you want to embrace a little ‘sexy and curvy’ on a night out… I hope these tricks help you out!


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