How To Deal With A B*tch |

How To Deal With A B*tch

In your mom life, you will inevitably deal with a few witchy women. These women seem to cast a spell over some, yet you see their true colours.

Two-faced women are what is wrong with the world. Ain’t nobody got time for gals with hidden agendas and fake smiles! It it mind-boggling how these women get through life, and that not every person that meets them sees their witchy ways.

That all being said, these women are out there. The feed off tears, manipulation, accusations, drama, and gossip. And if you happen to be under their heel, it can leave you feeling like an insect on a windshield.

The biggest thing to keep in mind with these women is that they are probably the most insecure type of person out there. They live in a place of constant damage control. Their facade requires them to constantly live in a paranoid, somewhat delusional state. Everyone and everything is a threat. Especially if you have something they want – from a better relationship to a bigger kitchen.

How to Deal With a B*tch |

The problem with this is they create stories around anyone that appears to be a threat. They need others approval, which normally means they run in a group. If you find yourself outside this group, you can feel like you are back in high school, dealing with Rachel McAdams of Mean Girls.

Unfortunately there are only three ways to deal with a mean girl:

Kill her with kindness.

Be the bigger person.

Don’t trust her.

A mean girl cannot be wrong. She cannot be threatened. Her identity is wrapped up tightly in self-righteous egotistical fear. So if you go in and try to convince her of your side of things, you will end up fighting her to the death.

Even though she likely has the wrong impression of you (and you can FEEL her talking trash about you to anyone that will listen) your best bet is to embrace her game and give her the fakest of smiles and kindness.

(This DOES NOT make you a mean girl. It just makes you a smart girl.)

If you do find yourself in a confrontation with a witchy mean queen: apologize for your part, and walk away before she burns you at the stake.

I know this can seem so counterintuitive. You want to fight for your rights and tell this b*tch off! Chances are she will twist every single word you say. She will find a reason that doesn’t even exist to make you wrong . You will only drain yourself emotionally to the point of no return.

How to Deal With a B*tch |

Fighting with someone requires a lot of energy. If you fixate on this you will ignore your children, your husband, and all the wonderful things going on around you. You need to decide if this woman is worth it (hint: she isn’t).

What someone says about you says more about her than it does about you.

Battling a witchy woman will only sink you down to her level.

Bending the knee and walk away – it’s the most noble elegant way. The best way to deal with a woman like this is to let her freak out and make a fool of herself, and you walk away untouched by her ridiculous behaviour.

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