How To Do A Full Moon Ceremony

Inspired by May 14th’s Full moon, I wanted to share with you my Full moon ritual Pintrest Dream Board.

Regardless of if you want to follow the moon and it’s cycles, why not make a hot date with yourself to reflect?

  • How do you feel about your life?  
  • What are you still doing that no longer serves you?  
  • What are your goals that you would like to achieve in the next three months?

  You can make this hot date as romantic as you like.   If it means having a hot bath, lighting candles, and breathing, do this!  Or turn your living room into a full on ritual retreat centre and invite all your friends.

♥ First, you want to pick a space and prepare it in a way you feel makes it sacred.  I LOVE soy candles, burning sage, and spreading crystals all around me.   Dress in something that feels ceremonial for you, whether that be flowy yoga pants, or a long beautiful gown.

♥ Second, ground yourself and your space.  This can be done with crystals, chanting, meditation, or yoga.  Perhaps it is a good time to read your Tarot cards.

 Third, set intentions, write down what no longer serves you, put some goals into place.  Create a sacred journal to reflect and document your progress.


♥ Fourth, celebrate with a glass of wine, a sweet treat, or something that makes it feel festive and special.

May this Full Moon bring you beautiful insight and clarity.

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