How To Eat Healthy When You Work From Home

I work from home, therefore the kitchen is literally steps away. It wasn’t long until I found myself in the habit of relieving struggle or loneliness, with a visit to my friend, the kitchen. (What was in the cupboards was not healthy either.)

Speaking from experience… Here are some tips, to help keep your snacking to a minimum; along with a few ideas of what to snack on.

Often, snacking is not due to hunger, but boredom or frustration. 

Create awareness around hunger and boredom.  A quick walk around the block, a few yoga moves, can prevent unnecessary snacking.  Check in with yourself: Am I REALLY hungry?

Eliminate temptation.

When your cupboard is laced with unhealthy snacks, it can be challenging to go for the apple.

Snack on REAL food.

A ‘reward for my hard work in the office”, was my favourite justification. Sinfully-delicious snack, why not? Pick healthy options, and guilty dialogue about ‘what you just ate”, will subside.

Schedule a call. 

Working at home can be isolating; loneliness can result in unnecessary snacking.


Relieve writers block. Check out my meditation tips HERE. 

My Go-To Snack’s:

Nuts. Healthy fats, protein and minerals, yes please. Portion is key. I like a small handful of mixed nuts. Avoid heavily salted & spiced nuts.

Satisfy all your taste buds: You will feel content, when you satisfy three of your basic tastes.  It is a chef secret.   Blue Heron Cheese makes a Spiced Gouda cheese, locally in Vancouver. (It is made of nuts.) I put it on a rice cracker, with a cut up gala apples. It solved my spicy, sweet, and salt craving in one bite.

Apples and figs are my favourite. The combination of the two sugars, are a delicious sweet treat loaded with fibre. (Trust me, you need more fibre & natural sugar!)

Savoury snack options: Hummus and veg. Guacamole/salsa and rice crackers.

Create awareness around your relationship with food. Trying to lose weight is more difficult than checking in with yourself before you snack.

What are your tips for snacking? What do you do to prevent binge eating when stressed?

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