How To Find Kindness In A World That Often Feels Anything But…

Yesterday I found myself at The Dharma Temple on Main St. A beautiful boutique yoga space, with a cool New York City vibe.

As I ran my hands across beautiful crystals and white Kundalini gowns; it was clear that everything in this space has been placed there with intention. I felt I had stumbled upon a magical inviting space, of community and healing. 


I was mesmerized by the dim soft patio lights hanging from the roof of the yoga room. I had arrived in an oasis sanctuary of calm, in our hectic Vancity.

Although I instantly had the urge to jump onto my mat, I didn’t come to practice. I was more so on a quest for knowledge.

I had a question for Reno, teacher + co-owner of The Dharma Temple. A space he owns with his beautiful partner, SJ, who also teaches.


Deep in yoga teacher training, I was struggling with some of the concepts I had been taught. I seemed to attract people in my life that challenged my beliefs. I wasn’t quite sure how to handle this, with love, ease, and grace.

Normally when someone challenges me, I choose a smile, send them love, and understand what I believe isn’t for everyone. I know and understand I have nothing to prove…  However as someone who desires to teach and influence, I was questioning my approach.


I sat down with Reno, to have a conversation about chakras, human behaviour, yoga, and everything in between.  

Instead of reiterating our entire conversation, I would recommend you head to one of Reno’s classes. Student of yoga, or just looking for a good workout, I do believe we all crave those beautiful words that bring us to a new understanding of life and ourselves.

Within my brief conversation with Reno, it became very clear that he practices what he preaches. He admits to  being a human, and making mistakes like all of us. Yet his dedication to his practice and learning, is his path. It is in this compassion for himself, that he is able to give that same compassion to those around him.

“When people react, they are showing you their pain. You can react, and show them your pain, or come into your heart, and show them love.” Reno said, with his white turban and mala’s around his neck.

I sat there contemplating… What if we all chose to love a little more?


After parting ways, filled with a vegan bullet-proof coffee, I opened my journal and wrote:

When we choose to be an observer of our environment, filled with curiosity and compassion, we can find a sense of freedom, dropping into our heart, and finding love.

Love dissolved pain.

When we can see our own stress induced reactions as an expression of our pain, and the reaction of others as their pain, it makes it easier to choose the path of kindness. We really aren’t that different from one another. We all have our pain, and we all have the choice to see that with love. Kindness is always an option, and it starts with you.

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