How To Have A Healthy Fun Halloween

We all want to be healthy in our choices, but let’s face it, most holidays offer an extra level of debauchery and gluttony. If you live happily ever balanced, it is appropriate to embrace the holidays, while incorporating some healthy tricks along the way.

Get Into The Spirit, Not The Spirits. 

I cannot comment on Heidi Klum’s spirit intake, but I can say she has found a fun creative way to celebrate Halloween. Talk about incredible costumes!


If you don’t have a personal-Halloween-costume crew, try a YouTube tutorial. I love this tutorial of Maleficent, by Kandee Johnson.

Healthy Treats!

If you have little one’s, or try to eat clean, you can still have fun with Halloween treats.


The Dracula teeth are an apple cut in half, peanut butter, and yogurt covered raisins.

Princess Sophia will explain everything else.

Save Money & Your Waistline.

Invite friends over for a healthy activity like carving pumpkins, making healthy snacks, or watching a scary movie.

Warning: If you put this pumpkin in front of your home, you better have A LOT of candy for the Frozen loving kiddo’s.

Top Scary Movies On Netflix: 

Click the title to watch the trailer.

  1. Amityville Horror – A family is terrorized by demonic forces… need I say more?
  2. Dead Snow – Zombie Nazi’s, and it is a Swedish foreign film… get cultured and spooked!
  3. Sleepy Hollow – Because… Johnny Depp? And if you are a scaredy-cat, it’s not so bad.

Healthy Spooky Cocktails. 

If you are going to have a party, here is a juice-made cocktail option.

1 cups  Apple juice
2 cups  Orange juice
2 cups Sparkling water
2 cups Dark rum
1 cup Cinnamon Schnapps
1/2 cup Lemon juice
Garnish: Ruby-red grapefruit

Option: Use grenadine and skip the booze entirely.

Pour juice into large punch bowl. Mix in dark rum, cinnamon schnapps, lemon juice, and sparkling water. Pour over ice and garnish with ruby-red grapefruit. Enjoy!

Halloween Exercise

Sneak in a work-out, you can do this at home.

Christmas party dress season is around the corner. I would love so much if you share this with your friends.

I hope you have a Happy Healthy Halloween. Remember, life is meant to enjoy! Have balance and treat your body right. There is nothing wrong with getting a little playful sometimes; however that looks for you.

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