How To Lose Weight By Chewing |

How To Lose Weight By Chewing

We all love the miracle diet that promises we can lose weight without doing anything. Lord knows we have all shamefully tried a diet or two!

Well chewing your food is NOT a diet. But it certainly is important when it comes to your approach to eating.

The REAL trick is NOT just how you chew your food, but how you approach eating a meal.

Unfortunately a lot of us eat our food distracted. Televisions, computers, smartphones, oh my…

If you are already well-versed in the art of eating your family meal with your family, sans screens, then consider yourself ahead of the game. For those of you who eat your food while staring at three screens, it is time to put the technology down.

When we eat in a mindful way, we eat less. We feel satisfied when we are done. We walk away from our meal feeling complete.

How to Lose Weight by Chewing |

How can you do this? Here are five tips:

Make meal time a time for family. Talk about the food. Explore the flavours and textures. Talk about your day.

When you have food in your mouth, concentrate on chewing the food until it naturally flows down your throat.

No screens. No distractions. Just you, the food, and the conversation.

Taste each bite. Do not add more food to your mouth until the last bite is fully chewed and swallowed. Pause between each bite. Take a breath.

When you complete your meal, sit and relax. Have you ever heard the term ‘rest and digest’? Well it is true, you should rest. Don’t go read stressful emails, or instantly grab your gadget, or work out. Let your body be in the experience of digesting.

You do not need a family to practice this behaviour. Even if you eat your lunch alone every day, put your phone down and enjoy your food.

It has been 100% proven that we eat less when we eat slowly and mindfully. Bon Appetit!

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