How To Lose Weight By Eating Mindfully |

How To Lose Weight By Eating Mindfully

When we think about losing weight, we focus on physical weight.

What about emotional weight? Mental weight? Life weight? What does that look like?

As much as we believe weight loss is all about losing physical weight, it is about so much more. The reality is if we focus only on the physical weight, we will never truly achieve the results we desire.

Releasing emotional and mental weight is a conversation for another day.
Today, let’s talk about eating mindfully. Being mindful is something that should be practiced in all areas of life – but lets start with how we eat.

How to Lose Weight by Eating Mindfully |

In today’s culture eating is secondary to texting, social media, and television. We often eat in a rush or are distracted. We expect our food to satisfy us, but how can we enjoy something we are not paying attention to?

The dinner table is not a place where a phone should be the guest of honour.

Regardless of if you are eating alone, or with your family, food and Facebook should not be friends.


Ever heard the saying, “My eyes were bigger than my stomach”?

Well, digestion actually starts when you first make eye contact with your food. The next sense that chimes in is smell. These senses obviously do not digest your food, but the practice of being with your food is a key ingredient to getting you in the mood.

How to Lose Weight By Eating Mindfully |

REST AND DIGEST is a well known term for your parasympathetic nervous system.

Stress inhibits digestion.

Cruising your ex-boyfriends Instagram over lunch is not helping you digest your food.

Let’s talk about chewing. Imagine yourself being filmed. Your job is to make your food look delicious.

Chew slowly.

Pause in pleasure.

Lick your lips.

Suck the flavour.

Chew food until it naturally flows down your throat like liquid.

Discuss the flavours.

This is exactly how you should chew each bite.

Benefits of eating like this include: enjoying more, and eating less.

We should eat until satisfied, not full.

We should eat food that is nourishing and delicious.

We should find balance between meals that are good for us, and meals that are good to experience.

So the next time you sit down to eat, make it romantic. Think: candles, dim lights, and soft music. Eat like it is your first meal, or maybe your last… whatever you need to tell yourself.

Your social media likes will still be there! Heck, maybe you will have a new one!

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