How To Make Permanent Change

Maybe you spent the summer making empty promises to yourself; or perhaps this is a pattern that has been common in your life?!

Change=Pain! It is uncomfortable, difficult, new, and foreign. Most of us try to change long enough to realize is uncomfortable and then we quit!

Here are some Action Steps to make change:

Start Small – overwhelm is a recipe for disaster.

Make A Plan  – sit down and schedule it (the gym, journalling, alone time, or meditation, make it real, by penciling it into your schedule).

Focus On One Thing – build strength in one area at a time. There might be a lot of things you want to change, pick one, and master it. (Don’t put pressure on yourself to change the world over night, think how long it took you to get to this place, it will take some time to transform.)

Get A Buddy – accountability is a beautiful thing, chances are you have a friend that wants to make the same changes. A long (power) walk with your girlfriend, is much more fun, than walking into a gym and feeling lost.

Ask For Support – don’t be afraid to INVEST in yourself. Find a couch, ask your partner, or a friend, for support. Find ways to encourage new behaviour with other people, so you feel supported.

The most important thing is to NOT QUIT! If you fall off with your plans for a day, or a year, get back on and keep going. Failure can be part of success, it is commitment that makes failure obsolete.

What is your secret to success? Share this with someone who is ready to make positive change. Need support? Click here!

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