How To Pose For Holiday Photo’s

Christmas party dresses are not cheap, and that blow out wasn’t either. It is only appropriate to take a few photos.

We have all woken up the next morning excited to reminisce, only to discover (in humbling embarrassment) photos gone wrong, all over social media.

If you want to take some flawless holiday photos this season, here are a few tips I picked up (over my ten years in-front of the camera).

I promise none of these tips are overly complicated, in fact, they should look and feel effortless.

I know this might feel weird, but there is nothing wrong with practicing in-front of the mirror. You want to know what you look like, and how that feels. I definitely have a few photos where I look possessed, because I did not practice the smize before taking a photo smizing… 8 D


The Face Tilt & Smile. 

Stand slightly sideways, tilt chin upward (just a little). Look at something just above your natural line of sight. Give a relaxed smile. This can help create or accentuate definition in the face. This is a great pose, if you often don’t like how your face shapes up in a photo.


The Red Carpet Angle.

Position your body 45 degrees, put arm (closest to camera), on hip. Place body weight on the back foot, point front foot (slightly towards camera).  When you arm is pressed against your body, it creates the illusion that it is bigger.

Costume Institute Gala 2013 for the 'PUNK: Chaos to Couture' exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Featuring: Gisele Bundchen Where: New York City, United States When: 07 May 2013 Credit: Lia Toby/

Ladies, Cross Your Ankles.

It looks lady-like, while making hips look smaller. This is great with a 3/4 length skirt and heels.


Perfect Posture. 

Leave the slumped-over look to the kids. Stand tall, with your bad-ass feminine confidence and strength. This helps elongate you, and it feels good.


Have fun.

Most photos are capturing a fun silly moment with friends. Don’t forget this. Be playful. Even if you don’t love the photo, you will probably look back at it, and realize you DO LOOK GREAT, and you were being hard on yourself…


I would love, if you share these tips with your girlfriend’s (that want to improve their camera game).

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