How To Survive The Holiday Blues

The Christmas holidays can be a bit of a lie.  We see pictures of the perfect family, with the perfect amount of Christmas presents, having a perfect time.

If life is far from perfect, it can be a constant reminder of what we are lacking in life.


This will be my second Christmas away from my family.  The first time, I felt sorry for myself for about a week, and decided I had to do something to survive.

I grabbed all my ‘Christmas-orphan’ friends, decorated my apartment, we baked a lot of cookies, filled up everyone’s mugs with coffee and Bailey’s, and we headed to Vancouver’s downtown-east-side, also known as, Canada’s poorest postal code.

Handing out cookies, was of course, a hit with those living on the streets; but what I noticed even more, was my friend’s smiles.  We felt good. None of us had a lot of money, but we took what we had, and gave it those that had less.

What I learned:

When you feel shitty, GIVE, SHARE, BE AT SERVICE TO OTHERS.  It is the best mood booster in the world, and I do believe it is part of the reason as to why we are here.

Christmas has become a commercial holiday nightmare.  It targets us on an emotional level to feel that completion comes from the perfect life. But no one has a perfect life, even if it looks that way from the outside.

This holiday season give the gift of thoughtfulness, no matter how big or how small.  Shovel your neighbours drive-way, leave chocolate’s for the mail man, donate to a charity, or volunteer at a shelter.   I promise with one single act of kindness, the sadness will disappear.

From my heart, to yours, Happy Holidays.

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