When I was eleven, with my soon to be step sisters, we tried putting spells on the boys we had crushes on.  After reading our spell, to find out we needed hair off his head, I gave up my witch career, and started collecting X-Men cards.

Today from my work window, I watched a lady in a blue rain coat, sit and cry on a bench. I watched people walk around her continuing on with their day.  I found myself wondering what she was crying about.  

Eventually she got up, wiped off her face, and kept walking. 

When I walked home for lunch, I acknowledged and attempted to make eye contact with each person that walked past me.  If I caught their eye, I politely smiled, saying hello without a word. 

If I were a SUPERHERO my card would read:

Alter ego ANF
Species Human Mutant
Team affiliations X-Men
Jean Grey School
Notable aliases Mean People
  • Controller of  potential energy and kinetic energy
  • Enhanced physical abilities
  • Hypnotic Charm
  • Smiles that transform
  • Dandi-long legs
  • Comes with music

You see, you were given super powers We can essentially transform another persons day; no potions or spells necessary, without even touching or speaking to a person.

Fact: It is a proven fact that smiling and sharing a smile increase the happy chemicals in the brain.   

P.S. Smiles are FREE!

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