Initial Consultation Akashic Combo Sale!

I have been a Holistic Nutritionist for four years. I have worked with beautiful ladies all over the world, helping them fall back in love with themselves.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than a woman looking at me, with a new found love for herself.

Often we are taught to abandon ourselves, focus on our flaws, accept the kind of love that just doesn’t fit. I have sat with women, rich, poor; strong, weak; happy, sad; healthy and unhealthy… and the topic of conversation, is always about our relationships.  The most neglected one being, the relationship we have with ourselves.

About two years ago, I was introduced to the Akashic Records. A facilitator opened my records, and found these belief systems I carried around with me since childhood. Beliefs that told me I wasn’t good enough, I shouldn’t speak my truth, and that I wasn’t worthy of love. I had done so much work to heal my relationship with myself, I was surprised to hear about these unconscious beliefs.

With my guide, and record keepers, we removed the belief systems, and I found a new strength. Life changed for the better. It was like years of therapy, in just one hour. Due to this transformational healing, I embarked on a journey to educate myself in the Akashic, and through the teachings of Baljit, with Lotus Destiny, I became an Akashic Record Consultant.

I have felt a call to share with you a very limited, special, one-time offer.

I have combined my holistic nutrition initial consultation with an akashic record reading.  This typically would cost $349. But I am offering it at the low price of $69.

Imagine getting the root of your own sabotaging behaviour, shifting it, and walking away with tools to achieve your wellness goals.

This offer includes an Akashic Record reading for free, and the initial consultation is 50% off.

I know life can be expensive, and often that means, putting our wellness (and any expenses it may cost), last.

Give yourself the gift of LOVE.

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Or contact me here for any questions you might have.


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