Chemical-Free Under-eye Concealer (That Works)

I LOVE make-up that is healthy and conscious, but I desire a product that can keep up with my long day. We work hard for our money, and we deserve to spend it well.

I enjoy decorating my face, it is like a daily ritual, a time for me, a way to creatively express myself.

The not so beautiful part of a lot of beauty products, is that most contain a lot of harmful chemicals, and test said chemicals on animals.

I do believe we should treat ourselves, each other, and the earth well, and with that comes some responsibility in the choices we make. Especially when it comes to the products we use, consume, and support.

I am here to tell you I have found two cool products that WORK. They do NOT test on animals, they do NOT have any chemicals, the ingredients are transparent and listed, they work well (with all night coverage), and they are TOTALLY AFFORDABLE!


If you are looking for a great product to cover your under-eye bags, or blemishes, look no further.

SAPPHO <—Click the link to read details or purchase.  This is my secret weapon when it comes to under-eye baggage. I have had my little tube of miracle-working coverage for over a year, and I would say we will be spending at least another year together. That is a product that works and lasts!

ELEMENTS MINERALS <—Click the link to read details or purchase.  This is my other secret weapon. I have had this product for a few months now, and it is works wonders! These two products together will make you look refreshed and (under-eye) baggage free.

Your skin absorbs what you put on it! I promise you are more beautiful than you think. If you are going to decorate yourself with products, CHOOSE one’s that represent beauty in all meanings of the word.

I would LOVE if you share this post with your make-up loving sister. Please leave a comment below, let me know if you like the products, or what you do to combat the under-eye baggage.

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