Lavender Simple Syrup

The older I get, the less I enjoy alcohol. My tolerance has gone out the window, so a few causal cocktails can lead to a significant hangover, ruining my day.

Many social events have alcohol. Although it wouldn’t be appropriate to bring lemonade to the lounge, some social gatherings are B.Y.O.B.

Next time you have a BBQ, or are invited to one, try this Lavender simple syrup. It goes well with soda or lemonade. It is great to sip on while socializing.
It’s fancy enough that people won’t care about the alcohol. Plus lavender has a calming effect, so it can help if you are a socially anxious person.


2 cups of water

1 cup of sugar (I used coconut sugar)

1/4 of honey

4 TBSP of lavender

Using medium heat, bring water and sugar to a gentle boil, or heat until sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat. Add honey and lavender, and let steep for 15-20 minutes. Strain lavender, and voila!

Keeps for a week or so in the fridge.

Feel free to substitute or modify, it is pretty adaptable. I like coconut sugar myself. If you don’t like honey, agave or maple syrup are an option.

Alcohol bloat’s the body. Just remember that when thinking about your summer bod.

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