Mingling At Christmas Parties Or On A First Date: These Conversation Starters Will Ease Any Anxious Butterfly

T’is the season of holiday parties and conversations with strangers.

Some of us are social butterflies that can  handle any social situation; other’s might experience social anxiety.

Vodka is one way to soothe our nerves…


This holiday season, I filled my Santa bag with a few conversation starters.

I tested them out, while attending an Egg Nog Wood Shed party, Friday night.  A lot of people might not know this, but I struggle with social anxiety. Sometimes my nerves get the best of me, and I find myself tripping over my words. I like to think I have a decent vocabulary, and a lot of interesting things to say… but sometimes I feel like I am walking around with my hand in my mouth.

These convo starters definitely helped me out this past weekend.


A good way to start any conversation is:

“Hi, I don’t know you.” <insert smile> Shake hand. 

“Hi, I don’t know many people here, let me introduce myself.” <insert smile> Shake hand.


Follow this up, by asking a question about your new friend.

Tell me about yourself.   “What do you do?” is so last season!

How do you know (fill in host’s name here)? 

Did you grow up here/ (insert city)?

What do you like to do for fun?  … because who doesn’t like to talk about fun?

What is your favourite thing about the holidays? 

Do you have plans for the weekend/holidays?

What is something you are passionate about?  

If you could have a super power, what would it be, and why? This is important information to know about your new friend.

Has a teacher (or person of influence) ever changed your life? If so how?

Have you ever kept a New Years Resolution? Any goals for 2017?


Most people, are uncomfortable in crowds.

Playful questions can help ease that tension, but it is important to read the crowd…

The best conversations are when two people feel comfortable, and that their other party is genuinely listening.

Don’t you love those nights you get lost in fabulous conversation with someone?

What are your favourite conversation starters?

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