Moving Meditation: Meditation For Beginners

I remember the first time I “tried” to meditate. I calmly sat there, doing what I always do; think about potential outcomes for what ever was stressing me out… I think they call this “anxiety”.

As an introvert, I sat in silence all the time, but my mind was normally busy.

Present moment…never heard of it.

Naturally it made sense to study meditation  for three month’s. Every Weds, me, a taxi driver, the psychic, a yogi, the teacher dressed in white, and few others that did not come to socialize; sat in meditation for two hours.  With the meditation, a small inspiring lesson was provided each class.

This course taught Raja yoga meditation. A relaxed, seated, open-eye meditation.  You stare at a gold circle on the wall.

I am a believer in meditation.

I have noticed a big shift in my ability to enjoy my life (and self). I manage difficult times with more ease. It is easier to be in the present moment, instead of being lost in thought.

Sitting, staring at a gold circle on the wall might not be for you.

It is important to take baby-steps, making meditation enjoyable. It is more likely you stick with it this way.

Try this:  Movement meditation.

Choose an exercise that is slow and methodical, that requires minimal concentration.

A walk, jumping on a trampoline, riding your bike, or perhaps yoga.

Find some music you enjoy with a methodical, slow rhythm.

Try my playlist: SYMMETRICAL  SELECTION <–Click

Wear headphones, and a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign around your neck.

Concentrate on your breath.

The exhale is long. The inhale is expanding. The exhale is detoxifying. The inhale, nourishing.

Move to the rhythm of the music, focused on the breath.

Close your eyes (if it is safe). GET LOST IN IT!

I get amazing clarity, concentration, and feel present from this kind of meditation. If movement doesn’t resonate with you, there are many kinds of meditation, .


I would love if you send this to someone else that has said “I want to learn how to meditate”.






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